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BS Media Alert! “Choosing alternative cancer treatment doubles your risk of death”

A friend sent me this article a few days ago, and like most articles I see in the media, it scared the bejesus out of me as I thought people would actually listen to this garbage.

Prior to writing The Vitality Secret and beyond, I have become weirdly obsessed with what cancer really is and I’m about to write another book, redefining it, with the intention to empower people to take full control of their health, and ultimately inspire people to learn how to heal their bodies. I’ve also lost 3 friends to cancer who were dragged through the conventional, toxic methods of fighting cancer; chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and/or surgery. I’m getting fed up with it – to say the very least. A lot of what I’m about to reveal I have learned from The Truth About Cancer series – I cannot recommend more highly that you watch it, even if you don’t have cancer. You’ll never live in fear of it again and learn how to reverse it holistically. It’s phenomenal. My notes from Episode One are here. There are great books, too, like Tripping Over The Truth, and Cancer as A Metabolic Disease.

Before I continue, I have to say this: I am NOT a cancer expert, nor oncologist, nor a doctor and I cannot override any qualified medical professional’s advice. What I can do, is present you with information, from which you can decide whether or not to do your own research. It might resonate with you. It might not.

One of the greatest challenges we have today, is that we have become disempowered. We are not owning our health and we are handing over the power we have to heal our bodies, to others – who are not qualified to heal. We want someone else to fix our bodies and health problems. And we blame others when something doesn’t go to plan. When we take a step back, we can understand how this approach doesn’t work, nor serve us. I’m a huge believer that we must be our own personal best health advocate. Our bodies are designed to heal. They want to heal – ALL THE TIME. They actually want to be in a state of balance but we have been educated out of this mentality because of societal conditioning, big food corporations, the pharmaceutical industry and I’m afraid a very corrupt medical system. We just need to learn how to do heal our bodies, and truly remarkable things can happen. And for the most part, that does not mean drugs. In almost every common illness and chronic disease, not only are drugs ineffective, but they cause additional problems and toxicity in the body. (Type-1 diabetes might be an exception, when your pancreas no longer can produce insulin – but when this is created during life, it is a result of inflammation and autoimmunity when your immune system has turned on itself. Easily avoidable.)

My new definition of cancer: Cancer is a symptom of toxicity in the body and a suppressed immune system. That’s it. Back to that in a minute, but for now, check out this harmful article:


People who choose alternative medicine over conventional treatment for their cancer are more likely to die from the disease.

That’s what Skyler Johnson and his colleagues at Yale School of Medicine in Connecticut found when they looked at treatment and survival records from the US National Cancer Database.

The team identified 281 people with breast, prostate, lung and colorectal cancer who had opted for unproven treatments, shunning conventional approaches such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery.

Johnson doesn’t know what alternative treatments these people took, but has seen many of his own patients opt for a wide range of therapies. “They could be herbs, botanicals, homeopathy, special diets or energy crystals, which are basically just stones that people believe have healing powers,” he says. [THIS LINE ALONE SHOULD MAKE YOU REALISE THERE IS NO NEED TO READ ANY FURTHER BUT LET’S READ FURTHER FOR SHITS AND GIGGLES….]

More than twice as likely to die

The team then compared the health outcomes of these people with 560 others who were similar to them in terms of age, race and disease, but instead underwent conventional treatment.

They found that people who took alternative medicine were two and half times more likely to die within five years of diagnosis. This is a low estimate, says Johnson, skewed by the fact that prostate cancer, for example, takes longer than that to develop into a life-threatening disease. [I’M GLAD YOU KNOW PROSTATE CANCER TAKES LONGER TO DEVELOP – IT DEVELOPS THROUGH TOXICITY IN THE BODY AND A SUPPRESSED IMMUNE SYSTEM. THANK YOU FOR POINTING OUT IT DOESN’T JUST “STRIKE” UNLUCKY PEOPLE.]

Among those with breast cancer, people taking alternative remedies were 5.68 times more likely to die within five years. While 41 per cent of those receiving conventional treatment for lung cancer survived for at least five years, only 20 per cent of those who opted out of such treatment did.

And only 33 per cent of people using alternative medicine for colorectal cancer survived the next five years, compared to 79 per cent of those on conventional treatments.

Secondary treatment

The reason some people on alternative treatments survive is probably because many eventually seek out conventional treatment, often once their disease has progressed, says Johnson. Such secondary treatments were not recorded in the database.

John Bridgewater, an oncologist [UNTRAINED IN NUTRITION OR TO HEAL] at University College London Hospital [SOUNDS IMPRESSIVE DOESN’T IT], is not surprised by the findings. “Many patients will often go on special diets [WHICH SPECIAL DIETS?], rather than having conventional [HIGHLY TOXIC] treatment,” he says. “But we have no evidence that anyone benefits from these diets, apart from those that collect the fees.” [REALLY??? REALLY??? DID I FORGET TO MENTION, REALLY??? ARE YOU SLEEPING UNDER A ROCK?]

The people in the analysis who opted for alternative treatments generally tended to be wealthier and better educated. In the US, medical insurance doesn’t cover unproven treatments, so only richer people can afford the most expensive treatments, says Johnson. [OF COURSE IT DOESN’T – UNDERSTAND HOW INSURANCE COMPANIES AND THE INDUSTRY MAKE THEIR MONEY AND ALL BECOMES CLEAR.]

“Herbs and diets don’t sound expensive, but when these things are delivered through providers, they can come with a hefty bill,” he says. “It’s a multibillion dollar industry. People pay more out-of-pocket for alternative treatments than they do for standard treatments.” [THE CANCER INDUSTRY IS A $127bn A YEAR INDUSTRY.] 

Journal reference: Journal of the National Cancer InstituteDOI: 10.1093/jnci/djx145 [SPONSORED BY…] 


Firstly: Ask yourself, who paid for this article to be written? In The Truth About Cancer series, ghost writing is revealed and how pharmaceutical companies pay for such articles to be written. This was possibly one of the most offensive articles I’ve read, together with this one from The Guardian Newspaper in January in which an Oxford Researcher claimed “no diet can cure cancer.” Interesting, dickhead, here’s just one of interview – one of many examples of how a grain-free, plant-based diet reversed Steve’s prostate cancer: Here’s just one example of how the ketonegic diet reversed a brain tumour. The ketogenic diet works so well in many cases as it deprives the cancer of its no.1 fuel: glucose. Cancer can’t fuel off fat / ketones. Put your body into 24-7 fat burning mode and it no longer has fuel from which to grow. Not effective in every case, but results are unequivocal. Gerzon Therapy can annihilate cancer with micronutrient therapy and colon cleanses. Why? It requires flushing the body of toxins and loading up on micronutrients – vitamins and minerals from plant-based foods. There are tons of additional nutritional and non-nutritional methods to fight cancer in The Truth About Cancer.

In the vast majority of cases, cancer is symptom of toxicity in the body and a suppressed immune system. That’s it. Cancer cannot grown in a clean body. It cannot grown in a healthy immune system.

So referring back to this article above. Taking cancer is nothing more than a symptom of toxicity in the body, do you think it’s a good idea to put more toxicity in the body by way of chemotherapy and radiotherapy? These methods ONLY address THE SYMPTOM. They DO NOT address what caused it in the first place, and this is why in the majority of cases, the cancer will come back, and with a vengeance as your immune system has been annihilated by the “treatment.” Sometimes it can take a decade for a tumour to develop into something that is detectable. Does conventional treatment tell you this? No, they’ll remove it and the individual will normally go back to how he or she was living previous to that, and be shocked when it returns. Stronger than it was the first time. Check out this article to see about statistics of cancers that return after conventional treatment and for the love of God, get educated. This article explains some basic methods.

This line made me laugh and want to shoot the author at the same time:

“Herbs and diets don’t sound expensive, but when these things are delivered through providers, they can come with a hefty bill,” he says. “It’s a multibillion dollar industry. People pay more out-of-pocket for alternative treatments than they do for standard treatments.”

What absolute BS. Cancer is a $127bn a year industry using conventional treatments; chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. What makes more sense to you? Herbs being expensive or chemotherapy and radiotherapy? That’s not accounting for the cost of all the toxicity on your body. Also, fighting cancer with herbs alone is a bullshit comparison for natural methods. They’re nice, but missing just about everything else that creates and feeds cancer. Herbs alone aren’t going to get rid of toxicity or cancer in the body. Nor will homeopathy alone. Nor will energy crystals alone. It has to be a holistic approach – for example the removal of every “food” toxin, pathogen, fungi, heavy metal, trauma etc along with ramping up the immune system with a plethora of all sorts of goodness. And there’s every other non-dietary method to fight it.

In the minority of cases, some forms of cancer are genetic diseases – referring to the types of genes that cannot be turned on or off depending on the environment in the body. On this point, the understanding of the role of epigenetics is becoming more widely known – this is the ability we all have to turn on or of certain genes depending on the environment we have in our body. You can come from a whole family of cancer sufferers or diabetes, or cardiovascular disease and you can decide whether or not to follow suit, by the food choices you make, how much you move your body and work out, and how well you deal with emotions – namely stress and trauma. That last part is HUGE. None of us are taught how to deal with stress and how to release the harmful energetic effects of trauma on the body. We must learn how!

Toxicity can come from the food supply or “food” supply. Let’s be honest, most of what we find on our supermarket shelves and the likes of fast food “restaurants” is not fit for human consumption. Most things that have any kind of shelf life create inflammation in the body – your immune system’s reaction to what it perceives as an attack on it. Chronic inflammation is your body’s immune system under attack – consistently. Alongside that, you have immune system suppression. In almost every case of cancer, you have to have chronic inflammation and you must have a suppressed immune system.

Here’s a fact: you cannot have inflammation and a healthy immune system – the two do not go hand in hand. To have a healthy immune system, we need to have little to no inflammation. We need to be consuming and ABSORBING all of the essential micronutrients and macronutrients. How do you know if you’re absorbing them? By getting tested. How healthy is your gut? Have you had a microbiome test? Have you tested to see whether you’re intolerant to gluten and dairy? Unless you’re a baby cow, you’re probably intolerant to cow’s milk. You are almost certainly intolerant to gluten, particularly if you live in the US as it’s been messed with in a big way through hybridisation. Have you taken an inflammation test? (Quote The Vitality Secret if you are in the US for a small discount.)

How can you tell if you have inflammation other than a blood test? It can reveal itself by any skin condition (eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis or acne), asthma, IBS, arthritis and more. If you have no symptoms of inflammation, you can test for it. And you’ll need to request these tests – a full inflammation blood panel for example, starting with C-Reactive protein. It’s worth getting testing for everything, every 6 months – and none of us are doing this. We need to specifically request these tests. If you’re in the US, I highly recommend this company – not only will you save, but you will be educated about what the tests mean: Here’s one source if you’re in the US:

Toxicity can come from the environment as well, from heavy metal poisoning, from being inactive (the no.1 reason for chronic disease is under oxygenation of cells – lack of oxygen in our body from sedentary lives), it can from from viruses, pathogens, fungi, yeast overgrowth, and even cuts and injuries that cause immune system suppression. Toxicity can also come from stress and trauma. If you’ve had trauma in the past that you’ve not dealt with, of if you’re stressed and angry all the time, it doesn’t matter how many greens you eat. The trauma is strong enough to manifest disease.

In the majority of cancers, they are a metabolic disease. Check out this interview for more information. In its simplest form, metabolism means energy production. We take in food and through a number of mechanisms, that food is turned into physical and mental energy. If we’re consistently eating garbage (from about 80% of supermarket shelves – I just made that statistic up, but you get the idea), our body is not producing energy in an effective way. It’s dealing with toxins all the time and the liver an kidneys get over worked and all hell breaks loose in the body. That’s putting it extremely simply.

I just want to close with this: Only one person can heal your body, and that’s you. We all must become our own personal health advocate. I’m not claiming to be a healer, but I have supported people in healing their bodies of all sorts of inflammatory conditions, including pre-diabetes, type-2 diabetes, arthritis, skin conditions, obesity, high blood pressure, unfavourable cholesterol levels and more. I have not healed them. They have healed themselves – with my support, guiding them along the way. If this is of interest to you, check out this link and we can jump on a call. I have never taken on a cancer patient, and probably won’t, but I can help you reverse inflammatory conditions.


This is what Dr Burzinski said to me at The Truth About Cancer Live Symposium in Texas last October:

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