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How To Get Clear Skin Through Detoxification – Miss Europe Explains

Yesterday I was very fortunate to have been introduced to Allexandra Schmid, who happened to be Miss Germany and Miss Europe between 1996-2000. More recently, she’s been training Cirque De Soleil acrobats to get them ready to apply. She knows her stuff! She is also a walking, talking, breathing example of what she teaches – looking amazing in her mid forties.  She shares some superb information about the power of detoxification, cleansing, colon therapy and coffee enemas, liver detox, lymphatic detox and more. Go and grab a drink and check out these two videos. My phone heated up during the first video, hence why there are two…

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Clear Skin In 7_CV

Want clear skin? I created this program specifically for eczema sufferers, yet the same principles can be applied to other skin conditions, as it really comes down to nurturing your skin from the inside out, and not much at all, to do with creams. Check out my new program: Clear Skin In 7



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