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Healing Trauma With Yoga – Alizah Silver On The Mojo Fit Podcast

On Friday, I had the privilege of interviewing Alizah Silver, my yoga instructor. She announced she was leaving and told us that she was off to help children from really challenging backgrounds, to heal their trauma using yoga and mindfulness. I got goose bumps and approached her afterwards. After hearing more about her story and how she healed her own trauma which helped her reverse her eating disorders, I requested to interview her. This episode entitled Healing Trauma With Yoga is NOT to be missed!

Alizah fluctuated from being underweight to very overweight, and comes from a family of eating disorders. Alizah has discovered the secret to vitality in the form of yoga. It’s astonishing what this practice can bring to your life. I’ve been practicing for 3.5 years and I never knew it went this deep. In her words, there was life before her yoga teaching training and there was life after her teacher training.


2.30 – She lived in an intense household with screaming and yelling and suffered abuse from her father.

3.40 – Took Adderall to get skinny and tried dangerous diets.

4.40 – Endured abusive relationships

5.30 – Reached the darkest point in her life

6.00 – Most of us are not learning how to get rid of trauma from the body

7.10 – How yoga was bringing her peace

8.00 – how yoga teacher training transformed her life

9.00 – Defenders & protectors of life do not get sick to prove they can heal their bodies. They get sick to show others how they can heal their bodies.”

10.00 – Weight would fluctuate and she would overeat

11.00 – Started to make a huge shift through holding poses and breathing

12.00 – Uses yoga to practice self-love

12.10 – My own experience of yoga

12.30 – Yoga is the union of your mind, body and spirit

14.00 – Flushing out toxins, squeezing organs, strengthen your entire body

15.00 – Yoga and the immune system

15.30 – The coolest thing Alizah learned in her yoga training

15.45 – All disease & negative things that happen in your body are derived from your energy system

16.40 – Poses & 8 Steps

17.00 – Muscle facia and chakras

18.00 – The reason for specific poses. You’re making sacred geometry in your body!!!

19.00 – The clearance of your energy channels

19.45 – Trauma is indigested experiences – and we weren’t taught how to let them go. We store them in our muscles / organs / energy channels. We have to do a posture and breathe.

21.00 – Another form of trauma release exercises

21.30 – The merging of Eastern and Western practices

21.40 – Comparison of someone who has done yoga with someone who hasn’t.

23.00 – ANYONE can do yoga. We just have to show up.

23.30 – Fantastic way to strengthen the whole body

25.40 – When everything is clear and your chakras are clear, you’re like a tube / channel for source energy to come through.

26.00 – EVERY answer you need comes from within

26.30 – Last and final step of yoga is embodying it

26.50 – Poses is such a small portion of what it’s all about

27.00 – 8 Steps of Yoga

27.30 – Another world that is here right now, that we don’t realise.

28.00 – How we can experience the spirit world

29.00 – Postures show you how you’ve been eating, sitting, moving, living your life.

30.00 – Alizah has used yoga to heal her trauma. We all have trauma. We must find a way to release it or it can manifest disease.

32.00 – Best pieces of advice for someone new to yoga

36.00 – Breath work

Video here. The first 30 seconds is a freeze frame as I provide the intro for the podcast. After that, it’s all video…

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