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Healing Your Mind And Body With Yoga – Janelle Stack

In Episode 07, I interviewed Janelle Stack about why she became a yoga instructor and the impact it has had on her life. At the time of the recording, she had just completed a yoga teacher training. Listen to her story as she reveals shy she turned to yoga, and how she has used yoga to heal her mind and body. Janelle discusses how she used yoga to get past an injury and how it positively impacted her concentration problems and her health in other areas. Do you suffer from ADD/ADHD? Many do! It’s partly down to the fact we’re not moving anymore and because we’re fuelling off sugar instead of fats. Yoga strengthens your body in so many ways and it gets you consciously breathing. It’s incredible for your mind and concentration.

I’ve practiced yoga myself, for about 3 years. When I first did yoga in January 2014 after I moved to LA, after a one hour-long Vinyassa class, I felt amazing. I thought to myself: “Yoga, where have you been all my life?” I’m now hooked and I continue to experience benefits for my mind and body.

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2.15: Previously an athlete, she injured herself and was advised to take up yoga

3.05: How yoga improved her mind and her energy

3.50: How her attention improved – grew up taking medication from age 6/7.

4.30: Medication changed her psychologically. Her mother was worried.

5.10: You can’t come out of a yoga class, stressed. Combine movement with breath

5.40: How it stimulates the lymphatic system (waste disposal unit)

6:20: How your own physicality can influence your offspring’s health

6.50: Your body adapts to what you ask of it. The fascia in your body will adapt to how you put demand on your body

7.20: Your mind adapts to the demands you put on it

7.00: The condition of your body, can influence your offspring

7.28: Athletes tend to have offspring with similar attributes

7.50: What you ask of your body is what you will recreate (if you have kids)

8.45: A comparison between the dead body of a person who practised yoga most of their life, with someone who did not. Very different muscle formation.

9.15: With muscle, whatever doesn’t strengthen, weakens. Muscle grows or it shrinks – there is nothing in between.

10.00: How yoga got Janelle more in tune with her body. How she began to listen to her body.

11.00: How to sort out concentration problems by switching your diet in combination with yoga & meditation

12.00: How bringing attention to her breath, Janelle has, over time, improved her concentration

12.50: When Janelle doesn’t practice yoga, she notices her stress and anxiety increase

13.40: An app that allows you to practice yoga at home

14.25: Ways to incorporate yoga into your daily routine

16.40: Do whatever will get you in the door

16.50: Benefits and pitfalls of heated yoga

17.35: Hot yoga – sculpt

18.00: Vinyassa Flow

18.19: Q: As we age, is yoga the right answer to deal with aches and pains?

19:30: Thoughts on injuries

If you’re based in Santa Monica, look up Janelle Stack.

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