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How To Reverse Type-2 Diabetes Naturally

Being Prescribed Insulin For Type-2 Diabetes Is Like Being Prescribed Vodka As An Alcoholic.

If you were a functioning alcoholic (and knew it) and you went to see your doctor for help with your alcoholism, and your doctor advised to consume beer for breakfast, wine for lunch and tequila for dinner, what would you say?

What if they also advised to calm your headaches with pain medication?

You’d probably think they were nuts, right? =

Even if you your brain wasn’t…totally switched on shall we say…a part of your brain would say:

“Why are you telling me to consume more of what is causing me the problem in the first place?”

I recently got out of a cab and a very overweight driver shared with me that he has type-2 diabetes (after I formed a bit of a rapport with him of course, and I told him what I did for a living).

I asked him what his treatment was. He told me he was on insulin and metformin.

I asked what he had been advised about diet. He told me he had been told to ease off the carbs a little and sugar. “Anything else?” I asked. “No, that’s about it.”

I asked if anyone had explained to him exactly what type-2 diabetes is. He said no. He also didn’t know what insulin was, nor its function in the body.

The alcohol story I’ve described above is pretty much the situation with conventional treatments for type-2 diabetes.

Here’s a screenshot from the American Diabetes Association page, entitled “Myths”:

This is just one tiny, yet powerful, example of why we must be careful about who and what sources, we trust.

I’m sorry if I’ve just taken away your comfort blanked or safety net.

Fact 1: Type-2 diabetes is a completely reversible condition.

Fact 2: It is a result of chronic inflammation and insulin resistance, both of which can be reversed with nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Insulin’s job is to moderate blood sugars in your blood. Without it, your blood would become toxic.

Don’t you just love that sugar high you get when you consume sugar or even bread and other high GI carbs?

What happens soon afterwards?

You crash.

Insulin has extracted that excess blood sugar from your blood, and it then does its job in distributing it elsewhere in the body.

Insulin has a very important role in the body. Putting aside the obvious junk foods, which trigger obesity, our “healthy” Western diet, is also, sadly, putting us all on the road to becoming insulin resistant and to develop chronic inflammation.

You cannot have type-2 diabetes without chronic inflammation. Period.

Here are a few interesting stats: According to Statista, in 2015 the Diabetes industry was worth $71.5bn a year.

This includes pharmaceutical medicine and medical devices.

According to the CDC (Centers For Disease Control and Prevention), 30.3m people have diabetes in the US.

Around 95% of those cases are type-2 diabetes, leaving just 5% to type-1.

Type-2 diabetes used to be called Adult Onset Diabetes, but since kids are getting it now, they changed the name. How cute.

Why does the government not do EVERYTHING in its power to halt this immediately?

Maybe this graph has something to do with that…

I refer back to the $71.5bn figure above. Say no more.

The CDC reports that 86 million people in the US are pre-diabetic, meaning they’re on the way to developing type-2 diabetes.  That’s 27% of the population.

If you are pre-diabetic, or have type-2 diabetes, please know, there is SO much hope.

It does not mean drugs, nor amputation. You don’t need to be one of the 79,870 Americans to have their limbs amputated every year.

Also know, it’s not your fault. We’ve been poorly educated and miss informed.

Wouldn’t you agree, it’s time for change? Would you like to reverse insulin resistance and become sensitive to insulin again, and reverse chronic inflammation?

I’ve set aside some time to talk with you. Go here, and book a time with me to discuss how you can take your health to the next level.

Go here for a report and compare the side effects of Metformin vs Diabetes Defence. You decide which side effects you’d like….


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