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How To Shop For Less – Time To Thrive

It’s widely known that organic and truly healthy food is typically far more expensive than toxic food. I was going to say fast food, or cheap food, but let’s be honest – it’s toxic. Most fast food restaurants really shouldn’t be called restaurants. They sell stuff not fit for humans or animals.

Grocery stores offer really poor quality options, and I get it, poorer families need to eat. Sadly, some of the most offensive foods are promoted to them as healthy – take the breakfast cereal aisle for example, which is one of the main culprits in this regard. Most breakfast cereals are promoted as healthy and families fall prey to their multimillion dollar marketing campaigns. The majority of them contain so much sugar (not to mention preservatives and artificial flavourings, except I just have), or cause so much of a sugar spike (as they’re mostly made from inflammatory hybridised wheat or GMO corn), that it’s enough of a sugar spike to give children ADHD/ADD or any kind of concentration problem – without any kind of predisposition. And let’s not forget what happens to your immune system after you consume sugar and toxic ingredients – it crashes. Maybe you didn’t know that. My book, The Vitality Secret, will show you how.

This is why I absolutely love Thrive Market, a US-based online marketplace where you can purchase truly healthy food and natural products for between 25-50% off retail. What’s more, some of the difference goes to financing poorer families.

The mission of Gunnar Lovelace, The CEO is “to make healthy living easy and affordable for every American family.’ What an incredible mission. The company has grown from 10 employees to over 400 today in 18 months. It’s actually the fastest growing e-commerce site in history. What’s more, he’s all about conscious capitalism – something I’m a huge fan of. As the name suggests, conscious capitalism is about businesses with a conscious mission behind them. Conscious Capitalism is the wave of the future.

I met Gunnar a month or so ago when he presented me with the SoCal Sustainable Business Award (Seedling round) a month ago. Look, I’m not lying…

Here are some words from Gunnar when he was interviewed by Forbes:

Earning a profit at all costs is an obsolete way of building a business …So many of the companies that are the major brands today…are built upon negative externalities with all sorts of toxic effects–to our society; to other cultures; to the economies; to the environment; and it is our opportunity as the new wave of entrepreneurs to imagine and build the new generation of conscious companies that can show that social enterprise can scale; that we can produce great profit and great returns while being motivated and  authentically committed to a much larger set of values that is long-term and reflects the fact that we’re all connected…and transcend our fears in a way that is positive and powerful and do good in the world. Read Full Article on Forbes Here

At which point would you not want to be a part of this community! Right now, you can sign up for 15% less than normal. I forgot to mention, there is a small membership fee of $59.95 and you’ll make that back in just a couple of shops. SIGN UP HERE.



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