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I’m A Sustainable Business Award Winner!

I wanted to share something exciting with you. Last night I attended the Southern Californian Sustainability Awards Conference, 2017 as a finalist. I entered my digital program, The Inflammation Solution into the seedling round (which means under $100K in revenue). I’m super stoked to reveal that I received The Sustainable Business Award in that category! I couldn’t quite believe it and am truly grateful to those of you who voted for me. THANK YOU!

Not only that, but I got to meet my music idol, Moby, who is on the board of the Sustainable Business Council. I’m not sure what excited me more!

If you’re a regular on my blog, you’ll know I’m on a personal mission to get people off medications for illnesses and diseases when they’re not needed. Pharmaceutical drugs are toxic in the body and in my opinion, should only be ever used in emergencies and for short-term use. Otherwise, they’re only masking symptoms, and hiding the underlying condition, which is inflammation, in almost every case. The drugs allow the underlying condition to worsen and it builds the foundation for every chronic disease. Without explaining more about it, I thought I’d present to you my pitch essay that I submitted:

The Inflammation Solution is a 6-week online program which reveals how inflammation is the root of nearly every common illness and chronic disease that exists. The program reveals how to reverse inflammation by implementing dietary and lifestyle changes and by managing emotions. Progress can be measured with blood work before and afterwards as well as through experiencing physical positive changes in the body. Customers and clients have reversed a number of inflammatory conditions including pre-diabetes, type-2 diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, unhealthy cholesterol levels, significant fast and safe fat loss, and in one case, symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease have significantly reduced.

Customers are encouraged to make conscious food choices by switching to organic options.

Participants realise they can alleviate themselves of the harmful effects of pharmaceutical medications for the majority of common illnesses and chronic diseases. Drugs are ineffective for most illnesses and cause toxicity in the body. They also destroy the ecosystem, including plants, trees, the soil, the water supply and animals’ health. Most, if not all, common illnesses and chronic diseases can be avoided and/or reversed without medication.

My clients and customers are empowered to take full control of their health. Firstly, they learn about why doctors are not trained in nutrition or to heal. Once people know this, it gives them power to take full ownership of their body and learn how to heal themselves. They understand how food and lifestyle are really the only medicine.

As The Inflammation Solution program grows, nutritionists and health coaches will be hired who share the same vision of consciousness towards health and vitality. They will undergo training outside of the conventional norm. Such disciplines will include functional medicine practitioners, holistic healers and “alternative health” practitioners.

The inflammation Solution program is an online program with recommendations for high quality food and supplements, workout gear and equipment and recommendations to incorporate sustainable practices like yoga and meditation.

On the podcast that I recently launched, called The Mojo Fit Podcast (named after my first book, Mojo Multiplier), I’m interviewing people who have healed themselves of a variety of illnesses and chronic diseases. They each share their journey and provide listeners with strategies to implement immediately. So far I have interviewed people who have healed Multiple Sclerosis, chronic pain, Crohn’s Disease, psoriasis and fibromyalgia. In the pipeline, I have people who have healed Lyme Disease, rheumatoid arthritis, various cancers and more.

I’m building an online presence on social media, mainly via Facebook Lives and YouTube and also a podcast. I recently started a Facebook Live cooking show in which I teach anti-inflammatory recipes answering my customers’ biggest challenge.

This is an online program, so the overheads are very low. A well-defined client path takes people from entry-level membership to high end private coaching. There is an option for affiliates to generate sales of the program. Not only does this provide additional income for the business and for them, it also enables the product to reach more people.

There is no debt in the business.

Check out the 3 part video in The Inflammation Solution. 

If you’d like private coaching to reverse an inflammatory condition or burn fat fast and safely, whilst reversing inflammation at the same time, go here:

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