Here is a collection of interviews, many of which were recorded during a Facebook live broadcast, and then converted into a podcast. Some are podcast / audio only. Download the podcast app and head to this link to view the whole Mojo Fit Podcast. I present to you here, all sorts of empowering stories of self-healing. Our bodies are designed to heal. They want to heal. I’m on a personal mission to empower people to take their health into their own hands so they can come off drugs and live a life of vitality. #FoodIsMedicine.

Episode 17: Mia Moran, Mother Of 3 Shares How She Came Off Allergy and Hormonal Medication, How Her Kids Have Never Taken Antibiotics And How She Has Been Antibiotic Free For 8 Years

Episode 16 Healing Trauma With Yoga – How Alizah Reversed Her Eating Disorders

Episode 15 Healing Your Body By Caring For Your Spine – Network Spinal Analysis With Linda Bedessian

Episode 14: Metal Toxicity, Cancer, Epigenetics &The Ketogenic Diet – with Krisstina Wise of Wealthy Wellthy   

Episode 13: The Importance Of Measuring Your Bloodwork – What Gets Measured Gets Managed – With Amy Beth 

Episode 12: Reversing Prostate Cancer With Steve Soffer

Episode 10 – The Missing Link To Vitality – Healing Trauma With Anahita Anais

Episode 9: How Chris Found Freedom In Prison – A Meditation Miracle

Episode 8: Healing Your Body With “Miracle Water” – With Ashley Strand

Episode 7 – Healing Your Mind & Body With Yoga – Janelle Stack

Episode 6 – Healing Multiple Sclerosis with Diane, aka V, TEDx speaker

Episode 5 Healing Psoriasis With Adam Burns

Episode 4 Healing Crohn’s Disease With Allegra Cohen

Episode 3 Healing Fibromyalgia With Alex Riggs-Miller

Episode 2 Of The Mojo Fit Podcast – Healing Chronic Pain With Anahita Anais 

Episode 1 Of The Mojo Fit Podcast! Healing Multiple Sclerosis With Kerri Van Arsdale

Detoxification With Miss Europe

My Vitality Himself, 62 year old Guy, Discusses His Vitality Secrets At 62, How He Has More energy than most people in their 30s.

Joseph Turkel Reveals His Secrets To Vitality at 86

Smooth Sexy Skin With Epithereal Skin Care’s Coleen Janeway

The Truth About Cancer With Dr Thomas Incledon

The Truth About Cancer With Dr Thomas Incledon – Full length

Here with Dr Incledon at Human Health Specialists in Scottsdale talking about revolutionary ways to treat chronic illnesses. Including cancer. He also works with world class athletes to get them to the peak of their game. Ex Strong Man competitor, more credentials in the medical field than there are letters in the alphabet. Pretty cool guy…His top 3 anti-inflammatory supplements (and shorter video interview)

Posted by Neil Cannon on Saturday, November 5, 2016

Dr Patrick Quillin At The Truth About Cancer Live Symposium

Dr Burzynksi At The Truth About Cancer Live Symposium

Inflammation With Dr Thomas Incledon

Snippet of Inflammation With Dr. Thomas Incledon

Healing Type-2 Diabetes With Two Opposite Methods – Biochemist Mango Man Reveals The Power Of The Plant-Based Diet


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