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Introducing The Vitality Secret Podcast! Defy Disease & Combat Common Illnesses.

Ladies and gentlemen, announcing The Vitality Secret Podcast! Sharing people’s accounts of how they have healed their bodies of “incurable” conditions. You’ll also hear from leading pioneers in holistic health.

As you may know, I wrote The Vitality Secret: Defy Disease, Combat Common Illnesses And Stay Young. This book is about measuring for, and reversing the root cause, of just about every common illness and chronic disease, and accelerated ageing. This is chronic inflammation.

I was inspired to launch this podcast shortly after meeting someone about a year ago at Burning Man, who had healed her Multiple Sclerosis naturally. A close friend healed her Chronic pain and another close friend healed his fibromyalgia. Since hearing these accounts, I became weirdly obsessed with how people have healed their bodies of so many different kinds of “incurable” diseases.

Episode Directory and What’s To Come…


000 My ‘Why’ Behind The Launch


1. Healing Multiple Sclerosis With Kerri Van Arsdale

2. Healing Chronic Pain With Anahita Parseghian

3. Healing Asthma, Allergies and Fibromyalgia with Alex Riggs-Miller


– Healing Crohn’s Disease
– Healing Psoriasis
– Healing Multiple Sclerosis With Paleo Boss Lady, TEDx speaker
– Healing Your Mind & Body With Yoga
– Healing Your Body With ‘Miracle Water’
– How Chris Found Freedom In Prison
– The Missing Link To Vitality – Healing Trauma
– Reversing Prostate Cancer
– The Importance Of Measuring Blood Work
– Metal Toxicity, Cancer, Cannabis, Epigenetics & The Ketogenic Diet
– Healing Your Body By Caring For Your Spine – NSA
– Healing Trauma With Yoga
– Living Antibiotics-Free (Including Her Children), No More
Allergy Or Hormonal Meds
– Healing Your Body With Infrared Light & Heat
– Managing And Reversing Diabetes
– The Healing Effects Of A Break From Alcohol
– Healing Osteoporosis
– Healing Endometriosis & Gastro Paresis
– Healing Breast Cancer and Type-1 Diabetes With Cannabis
– Healing Lyme Disease
– Healing Your Skin From Within
– Healing Type-2 Diabetes AND MORE….

Enjoy and please like and share!

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