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The Mojo Fit Podcast – Celebrating 20 Episodes

Welcome to The Mojo Fit Podcast – celebrating 20 episodes. I get it, 20 episodes isn’t that many podcast interviews. However, I decided to celebrate this.  My aim of The Mojo Fit Podcast, is to share empowering stories of people healing their bodies of all sorts of conditions to empower listeners to do the same.

I have spoken with so many people who have sadly just gone along with conventional advice and taken a medication for something that medication won’t solve. A typical scenario is a doctor put them on a medication to mask a symptom, and then another one – and we all know now, that medications never tackle the root cause – which is inflammation in just about every case.  When long-term illnesses are treated with medications, in almost every case, they allow the underlying condition to worsen.  Not only do they worsen, but additional illnesses normally develop. When inflammation becomes chronic inflammation, you have the foundations for disease. This is all measurable and reversible! And it’s not actually that hard when you put your mind to it.

My aim is help you realise how much power we all have to heal our bodies. We all have this incredible ability to heal our bodies – we just need to do the right research, and/or see the right people who are qualified to help us heal our bodies.

Every one of these remarkable individuals share their story – a journey they embarked upon to change their lives once and for all. Interestingly, their lives are normally better than they were before!

I’m always left in ore of what people go through and the transformations that they create. I was inspired to launch this podcast at Burning Man last year, when I met Kerri Van Arsdale. She shared with me her story about how she has healed her Multiple Sclerosis, leaving her doctors baffled. She kickstarts the podcast with Episode One. Enjoy and please share the love!

20 The Healing Effects Of A Break From Alcohol With Ruari Fairbairns

Ep 19 Nutritional Biochemist, Cyrus Khambatta, Discusses Managing & Reversing Diabetes

Ep 18 Healing Your Body With Infrared Light & Heat – Brian Richards

Ep 17 Mia Moran Explains Living Antibiotics Free (Including Her Children), No More Allergy Or Hormonal Meds

Ep 16 Healing Trauma With Yoga – Alizah Silver

Ep 15 Healing Your Body By Caring For Your Spine – NSA

Ep 14 Metal Toxicity, Cancer, Cannabis, Epigenetics & The Ketogenic Diet

Ep 13 The Importance Of Measuring Blood Work – With Amy Beth

Ep 12 Reversing Prostate Cancer With Steve Soffer

Ep 10 The Missing Link To Vitality – Healing Trauma With Anahita Anais

Ep 09 How Chris Found Freedom In Prison – A Meditation Miracle

Ep 08 Healing Your Body With “Miracle Water” – Ashley Strand

Ep 07 Healing Your Mind And Body With Yoga – Janelle Stack

Ep 06 Healing Multiple Sclerosis with Paleo Boss Lady aka ‘V’, a TEDx Speaker

Ep 05 Healing Psoriasis With Adam Berns

Ep 04 Healing Crohn’s Disease With Allegra Cohen

Ep 03 Healing Fibromyalgia With Alex Riggs-Miller

Ep 02 Healing Chronic Pain With Anahita

Ep 01 Healing Multiple Sclerosis With Kelly Van Arsdale

As you go through these episodes, you’ll hear the world inflammation mentioned in just about every one. It truly is the root of almost every illness and disease that exists. This is why I created The Inflammation Solution program, for which I received The Southern California Sustainable Business Award (Seeding Round). In 6 weeks, you will learn 12 Pillars of “No-Flammation” delivered to you over 6 weeks. It works. Have a look at the promotional video here, it’s under 10 minutes long, and see how I can support you in reversing illnesses, easing or eliminating aches and pains, burning fat, and multiplying your mojo.

The Inflammation Solution

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