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My Health & Medicine Predictions For 20 Years’ Time

Do you ever wonder what the health and medicine landscape will look like in 20 years? On a flight from LA to Aspen I decided to write my own predictions. A lot of these shifts are already happening – for example people are becoming increasingly aware of how ineffective and harmful pharmaceutical medications are in treating common illnesses and chronic disease. The demand for them is dropping in more “health conscious” areas like Los Angeles. We’re seeing a resurgence of naturopaths and chiropractors and other “alternative”  practitioners that were eliminated in the early 1900s further to Carnegie & Rockefeller Medicine reshaping the entire medical landscape as we know it today in the Western World. Side note: Don’t you think it’s bizarre how alternative means natural, and conventional means drugs? That’s social conditioning at its highest level.

As the world become more conscious, we’re going to see amazing things happening.  These are exciting times to be alive. Or am I just dreaming? I can dream, I’m a pisces… 

My Health & Medicine Predictions For 20 Years’ Time

  • “Healthcare” will become true health care and not disease and symptoms maintenance.
  • Pharmaceutical drugs will only be used in emergencies (such as pain management and anaesthesia).
  • Naturopathic doctors, nutritionists, medical herbalists, homeopathic doctors and chiropractors will be in abundance as they were in the late 1800s and early 1900s (prior to Carnegie & Rockefeller Medicine 0f 1910 when they commissioned the Flexner Report.  This is what steered education taught to doctors to be heavily biased towards prescription medications – that they were manufacturing). We’re going to experience a full swing. 
  • All illnesses / symptoms as a result of inflammation and autoimmunity will be treated and / or prevented holistically.
  • People will be empowered to heal their own body and will educate themselves to do so. People will become their own best health advocate. 
  • Everyone will measure their blood work every 6 months to track their health, optimise their body and immune system, and to prevent chronic disease and better manage common illnesses.
  • Prevention will be sexy.
  • Neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s will be viewed as inflammation of the brain and avoided and/reversed holistically.
  • Spiritual practices like medication, yoga, tai chi and Qi Gong will be used by many to manage stress, trauma, anxiety and depression. And get “connected.” (Side note: Did you know that anti-depressants cause suicidal thoughts – the precise thing they’re supposed to guard against.)
  • Common vaccinations will be banned and only used when visiting high risk countries.
  • Doctors will be trained in functional medicine (getting to the root) and nutrition and no longer prescribe medications for anything other than emergencies.
  • Nature’s pharmacy will prevail – the use of herbs, spices, essential oils etc will be widespread
  • The “cure” for cancer will never be found. It will he redefined as a symptom of toxicity in the body, under oxygenation of cells, and a suppressed immune system. (The “cure” cannot be found. It would be like turning off essential metabolic mechanisms in the body and the immune system designed to protect the body.) 
  • Prevention of cancer will be measurable (it is already is to a huge degree).
  • Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery for cancer will be banned.
  • Governments will no longer accept donations from unscrupulous organisations.
  • Unconscious businesses like Monsanto will be shunned and no longer welcome to exist.
  • Companies and organisations that do not act in the greater good of humanity and the planet will be a thing of the past.
  • GMOs like corn, soy and cottonseed and hybridised wheat crops will be banned and replaced (elsewhere) with organic vegetable and fruit growing. 
  • The Amazon rainforest, up to 91% of which has been destroyed by animal agriculture, will be slowly regrown.
  • Intensive animal farming to feed humans will be banned and only conscious and responsible farming allowed.
  • Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and insecticides and other chemicals that are destroying the nutrients in the soil will be banned.
  • The Western world will switch to a majority plant-based organic diet.
  • Humans will no longer drink cow’s milk.
  • People will be growing their own organic fruits and vegetables. 
  • Processed foods with chemical additives and long shelf lives will no longer be available. 
  • Artificial flavourings, trans fats, preservatives and man-made chemicals used in foods will be banned.
  • Unhealthy fast food restaurants will be closed down.
  • Refined sugar will be viewed as smoking is viewed today.
  • Cannabis and other plant medicines like ayahuasca and medicinal mushrooms will be legalised and encouraged to pursue for medicinal purposes.
  • The “diabesity” epidemic will no longer be an epidemic as people are educated in nutrition and harmful foods are eradicated 
  • Unhealthy foods will be heavily taxed and truly healthy foods will be subsidised.
  • Corruption will be exposed.
  • The FDA will be entirely rebuilt.
  • Governments will be rebuilt.
  • History lessons will be rewritten.
  • The media as we know it will be overturned and no longer allowed to miseducate people about health. NO MORE ARTICLES LIKE THIS WRITTEN IN THE GUARDIAN.
  • Ghost written articles paid for by Pharma & Big Food will be illegal.
  • The elite rich and their motives will be exposed.
  • Government-backed and trusted authorities which are miseducating people will be exposed. 
  • Charities and organisations that appear at face value to be doing good work (which are steered unethically) will be closed down – for example cancer, diabetes, ADA, AHA, USDA.
  • No more unexplained deaths of people who discover natural cures for illnesses and diseases. They will be praised. 

What have I missed? Am I dreaming? What are your predictions? Please share if you’d like the above to actually happen. A thought set in motion, creates momentum, which manifests the creation of the thought in this wonderful world in which we live… 🙂 

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