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Reversing Osteoporosis With Cindy Bartz – Podcast Interview

Did you know that too much calcium can be detrimental to bone health? Does cow’s milk really give you strong bones? In this episode, yoga teacher, author and coach, Cindy Bartz, explains how she was diagnosed with osteopenia, a precursor to osteoporosis. Initially she was prescribed medications that made her physically ill.  When she realised the medications were not helping her, and in fact were causing her harm, Cindy went on a quest to learn how to rectify this condition naturally. She shares how she reversed this bone health deterioration condition through dietary and lifestyle changes. Cindy also helped her mother do the same thing and 100% of her clients!

Reversing Osteoporosis With Cindy Bartz – Podcast Interview


2.00 – Cindy’s background and inspiration  – diagnoses with precursor to osteoporosis

2.30 – Yoga teacher and personal trainer, always ate healthily

3.00 – Medication she took make her ill every time – flu like symptoms

4.00 – Thorough research to see what she could do outside of medicine

5.00 – Reversed her bone density break down after implementing a specific exercise program and dietary change

5.30 – How her program has helped her own mother

6.30 – Specific program that doesn’t have to use weights. 10 Minutes a day!!

7.00 – #1 reason for Osteoporosis

8.00 – Interesting fact about bones!

9.00 – Sitting is the new smoking

11.00 – A secret to grocery shopping & importance of reading labels

13.00 – The effects of gluten on your bone health

14.00 – Even if you test negative for celiac, gluten has a negative effect

14.20 – Why modern wheat is not the same as the ancient wheat grain

15.00 – Does milk give you strong bones?

16.00 – Can too much calcium break down cells???

18.00 –  Hip replacements and osteoporosis where consumption of dairy is high

20.00 – Food plan is pH based.

21.00 – Acidic Foods

21.20 – Calcium in bones is very alkaline

22.00 – Why a majority plant-based diet works so well

23.30 – Enzymes in body and stomach

24.00 – Effects of coffee and acid

25.30 – An increasing number of coffee alternatives on the market – alkaline coffee. Types that mimic coffee.

27.00 – No.1 piece of advice to avoid / reverse osteoporosis

30.00 – 1 in 4 men after 50 and 2 out of 4 women will be diagnosed with osteoporosis

29.00 – Looking out for easily broken bones

30.00 – – free osteoporosis guide & movements to avoid

31.00 – Cindy Bartz yoga and wellness facebook group

33.00 – 40 million people worldwide have osteoporosis. Cindy is building an online course, which will be available soon.

34.00 – What gets measured gets managed.

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