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The Medicinal Properties Of Cannabis And The Legend of 420 Documentary

Since writing The Vitality Secret, (which highlights inflammation, how to test for it and reverse it), and since living in LA where cannabis has been used medicinally for many years, I have become increasingly obsessed with cannabis for its anti-inflammatory and other powerful healing properties . It has been dubbed the most powerful plant on the planet for its medicinal properties. I just watched The Legend of 420 documentary and decided to present my notes for you where you’ll discover some of the medicinal properties of cannabis.

The history of why this medicinal plant was banned is staggering, as is the role of the media and the propaganda behind it being demonised. The ‘war on drugs’ only perpetuates the problem and it would seem it hasn’t so much been a war on drugs; rather it’s been a war on people.

This documentary was an informative and entertaining documentary to view. I must say, I was hoping for the medicinal properties of cannabis to be reviewed in greater detail. That said, you will be blown away by what this documentary has to offer. Being a health geek and “inflammation king” I wanted much more information on it being anti-inflammatory and anti-cancerous, as I have found to be true from lots of research I have done on this “sacred plant.”

My Notes of The Legend Of 420 Documentary

  • Federal Law: Cannabis is a Schedule One drug
  • The US Government has a patent on Cannabinoids (non-psychoactive component) as a neuro-protector (it protects the brain) and as a powerful antioxidant.
  • 400 illnesses it has been documented to help
  • 25,000 peer-reviewed studies reporting powerful medicinal properties of cannabis
  • Cannabis hasn’t caused a single death in the history of the United States
  • Melissa Everage puts recovery from cancer down to cannabis: The reason it’s called “getting high” is because it lifts you into a higher altered state of consciousness.
  • Artists use it to unleash their creativity [as do CEOs, entrepreneurs, business leaders]
  • Doctor’s words: Instead of prescribing a boatload of medications, prescribe one medicine, a plant, which is naturally found in nature.
  • Cannabis isn’t the problem; ignorance is the problem
  • Cannabis is powerful in treating cancer / anti-inflammatory /shrinks tumours
  • The war on drugs is a war on people
  • People are locked up for using cannabis, where they’re connected with serious criminals
  • In States where it has been legalised, it has been regulated, made safe for purchase, with clear guidelines and warnings, they have not witnessed any increase of teen use, and State taxes have increased from regulations.
  • Effective in treating PTSD. Shocking truth: troops fight for their country. They get traumatised. Vets use cannabis to get over the PTSD and then they’re often prosecuted for using it, instead of the more dangerous legal pharmaceutical drugs that come with a myriad of side effects – and are highly addictive.  Example – Vet was on 13 pills, now he’s using just cannabis and lives a totally normal life again.
  • Highly effective with depression / paranoia / anxiety
  • Black Market price $65bn
  • Oaksterdam University is a Cannabis College. High school graduates sat next to neurosurgeons. They learn about responsible use / growing / medicinal properties / dosage etc.
  • The DEA and 100 agents raided Oaksterdam University as a school shooting was happening less than a mile away. The law enforcement couldn’t break away as they were protecting the DEA during their raid against a plant that has never killed anyone.
  • “There’s a difference between being opinionated and being educated.”
  • Kids are learning that it’s as bad as cocaine, heroine and LSD.
  • The notion that it’s a gateway drug is the same as sugar being a gateway to suicide.
  • Why was there such a taboo around cannabis, compared with alcohol?
  • In States where cannabis has been legalised, there are fewer car accidents.
  • Drivers who are high on weed are slower and more careful. Drivers under the influence of alcohol tend to speed up, get reckless and cause accidents and death.
  • Dr Lynn Fox – not a gateway drug. This myth has been debunked by multinational studies.
  • The myth of cannabis as being a gateway drug has been debunked by multi-national investigations. It’s actually an exit-strategy for those addicted to legal opiate drugs.
  • It’s a gateway to sobriety. It helps people come off alcohol / amphetamines / street legal drugs.
  • In LA, lots of rich and successful people smoke cannabis
  • Hemp has a wide variety of uses, from paper, to fibre, used in plastics. It’ll play a huge role in saving planet earth.
  • The moment it’s legalised everywhere, a huge economic problem hits the country. People come off pharmaceutical drugs and the pharmaceutical industry suffers [which makes up for 19% of GDP in America alone]

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