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The Mind-Body Connection: Tony Robbins Interview With Deepak Chopra

The Mind-Body Connection: Tony Robbins Interviews Deepak Chopra

I must say, this is possibly my favourite podcast to date. In just over 30 minutes Dr Deepak Chopra will teach you what reality is, beyond the physical body and what really shapes our lives. You’ll discover how the brain has immense power over your physical body and what disease really is. You’ll learn about placebos and “nocebos.”

You’ll learn about the power of the mind-body connection, changing your perception and consciousness, how to become aware of your body and how it processes intelligence and experience and how that can ultimately change your life. Cool much?

Dr Deepak Chopra came from a conventional medical training background and quickly found out that the drugs he was prescribing were not doing his patients any favours. They were not getting better. He was introduced to Ayurvedic Medicine and everything changed.

He realised people were getting better without drugs and through dietary, lifestyle and mind set shifts – including even terminal diseases such as cancer.

He was able to influence people to very quickly come off drugs. Sufferers of say, asthma that they had experienced for decades, no longer suffered. Cancer patients reversed their cancers.

He talks about how the body creates all the drugs in the world that the body requires – without all the side effects of prescription drugs. These drugs the body needs are within the DNA. The reason we are not incorporating them is down to the hypnosis of society and conditioning.

There are simple processes that happen all the time in our body – eating, breathing, digestion, metabolism, elimination and something that controls all of this – consciousness. Through getting a handle on thought, non-verbal communication, a network of intelligence and information we are able to reverse almost every illness and disease. It leaves about 6% of diseases, which are not curable down to genetics. [And those are the “dictator” genetics, not the genetics that can be influenced by food, which is epigenetic, meaning we can override a predisposition to getting something by what we eat – and how we look after our bodies.]

We believe we’re physical beings leaning how to think. Actually, we are thoughts that have learned how to create the physical machine. We are pulses of intelligence in a larger void of intelligence who have learned how to create physical matter. We create the mind and we create the body. We create the experience of the world through our own mind and perception. And we have the power to change our experience by changing our perception of the world.

We make a new body once a year. Our physical body is a river of intelligence and information. 98% of all the atoms come and go within a year. We make a new skin once a month, a new skeleton every 3 months, a new stomach lining every 5 days. The brain cells that we think we, have carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen. They were not there 1 year ago.

Big question from Tony: “if someone has cancer, the immediate response is to respond with fear. Are you suggesting that that tumour is not the same as the tumour a year from no?” Deepak: “On a material level, that tumour is not the same. Every single atom is different. However, the cellular memory is the same, the physiological processes at a non-material level are the same, so it keeps on coming back in the same way. If we want to get rid of the tumour we need to exorcise the ghost of the tumour. We need to get rid of the memory, impulses of information, energy, memory, intelligence, conditioned response – all the things that construct the non-physical aspects of the tumour.

We become bundles of conditioned reflexes. Most people have the same thoughts as they did yesterday.

Everyone’s bodies have cancer cells in them. Most people get rid of them every day. 

We can change our perspective – our interpretation of everything that happens in our lives. If at the core of our being we are having fun, our bodies makes all the right chemicals. If we’re in a state of stress of terror, our body produces chemicals that destroy the immune system – like cortisol.

Tony: Whatever we focus on we feel. Every moment, we have lots of ways to come up with a meaning, to determine how we feel. This determines our experience. Whatever meaning we come up with, we will feel. He asked, whatever meaning you come up with, not only will you feel it, but it will affect you BIOCHEMICALLY?! Deepak said the molecule is the meaning. Our meaning will determine which chemicals and drugs and molecules our body creates. If we’re tranquil, our immune system will become strong… Deepark: “The meaning that we give to the event it the event.” Tony: “the label you put upon an experience becomes experience.” Deepak: There is no such thing as actual reality. There is only the perception of reality.”

Check this out. There is way more cool stuff…

From the Vault: Tony Robbins & Deepak Chopra

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