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Tom Brady’s Mojo-Multiplying Vitality Secret

I absolutely loved reading this article that my friend and business partner shared with me. This is a perfect example of a world class athlete taking full ownership of his body and saying no to Western doctors. The article is entitled: Tom Brady rejected NFL’s medical culture. At almost 40, he’s never played better. It give me goose bumps!! How weird am I?

Tom Brady is almost 40 and he has never played better. Why? Because he is not consuming inflammatory foods (which make up the majority of the typical Western “healthy” diet) and he is not over exerting his body with serious, hardcore weight lifting. Instead, he’s using resistance bands and he’s doing yoga to strengthen his entire body, and to make it flexible and adaptable. He’s incorporating meditation – something I’m really digging into now myself as I’ve discovered the sheer power of it.  My favourite paragraphs are below:

Tom Brady rejected NFL’s medical culture. At almost 40, he’s never played better

“You know, I don’t feel 39,” Brady said Monday morning, at a news conference to accept his fourth Super Bowl most valuable player award. “I hang out with a bunch of 20-year-olds, and that makes you feel young. I try to take care of myself with things I’ve learned through a lot of positive and negative experiences. I’ve found a unique way, a little outside the box, that’s really worked for me.”

Somewhere around a decade ago, Brady told the NFL doctors and trainers to get their hands off him, the same way he told Goodell to get his hands off his reputation. In 2008, he underwent knee surgery that was complicated by a staph infection that required a second surgery, six weeks of antibiotics and wound washes. His shoulder hurt, too. “When I was 25, I was hurting all the time, and I could never have imagined playing this long,” Brady said.

Much of the credit for his remarkable longevity goes, whether anyone likes it or not, to the fact that he sought out an unconventional Eastern-medicine masseuse-trainer, Alex Guerrero, at whom NFL doctors look askance. Brady has been mocked, and Guerrero has been called a quack and a fraud, because of a dicey past in which he made extravagant claims about unproven products. But much of what he and Brady have done makes nothing but sense. NFL weight-training was hurting his joints and robbing him of flexibility, and the food he was eating was inflammatory and making him stiff.

Brady now consumes no dairy, [he’s realised he’s not a baby cow], white sugar or white flour. He uses resistance bands and anti-gravity treadmills and focuses as much on pliability as strength. He meditates and does yoga. What’s more, he has steered about half the team to Guerrero’s care, to the consternation of NFL medical staff. “I’m 39, and I never hurt,” Brady says. “My arm never hurts, and my body never hurts. I know how to take care of it. . . . Hopefully I can keep passing that message on to a lot of young athletes.” READ FULL ARTICLE ON THE WASHINGTON POST

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