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Understanding Cancer As A Metabolic Disease – Interview With Krisstina Wise

Today I interviewed one of my new favourite people, Krisstina Wise, Founder of Wealthy Wellthy. I went to see her at one of her workshops in Austin last week and she shared a few very powerful stories that I just had to interview her about. She has recently learned about cancer as a metabolic disease during her quest to help her father battle stage 4 lung cancer.

I’m on a personal mission to get the word out about the power the body has the power to heal itself when we give it what it needs. In this interview, Krisstina shares how she almost died due to metal toxicity poisoning. If it wasn’t for her seeking a functional medicine doctor, and having $250K to pay for treatment, she would not be around today. Hence why she has created a company that accentuates the importance of learning about wealth creation and keeping your body in a peak state of health.

Since her own personal scare and journey of self-healing, Krisstina has been on a mission to understand the sheer power of nutrition as medicine and of course everything else it takes to be truly healthy. Four weeks ago, her father was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer and was given the 3 months to live diagnosis by his oncologist. In this interview we discuss the ‘nocebo’ effect.

Krisstina explains what she has found out about what cancer really is. Fortunately she is surrounded by true pioneers in the functional medicine, naturopathic, “alternative health” and nutritional world and she is doing whatever she can to help her father. She’s researching thoroughly about natural treatments for cancer. (She’s aware of how harmful chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery are, and how in almost every case, they are not required.)

You’ll hear what the surgical oncologist told her what her father should do. You’ll hear about the diet that the oncology department told him to eat. Thankfully, she was equipped to ignore this advice and seek alternative support and her father was saved of a horrific operation.

You’re going to hear about a natural plant-based medicine treatment her father uses and is successfully pain-free from using it. Here’s a clue: it’s using cannabis, derived from the most powerful plant on earth, the Hemp Plant. Cannabis, people, CANNABIS!! It’s banned in most Western countries!!

Here is one resources for Cannabis Butter:

Another recipe for “Cannabutter”:

Did you know that the ketogenic diet is one of the most effective methods to starve cancer cells to death? Krisstina is doing to reveal how this works.

She recommends reading “Tripping Over The Truth” for everyone to learn about cancer. There is also Fight Cancer With The Ketogenic Diet and Cancer As A Metabolic Disease. Fat For Fuel by Dr Mercola is also one she recommends.

We also discuss epigenetics. Simply put, this is the ability to override a genetic predisposition to developing a disease – by what you eat, how you move your body, how you manage emotions / trauma and also your environment.

Check this interview out – it’s loaded with awesome content. It’s an hour long and SOOOOOOOOO worth your time watching it. You’ll learn more about cancer in one hour than most people will in their lifetimes of being miseducated by the news, media, many doctors and oncologists. If you want to see just one example of how the media puts misinformation out to the world, check out this post to see what the Oxford Researcher wrote in this “reputable” newspaper, The Guardian.  I honestly believe one of the best things we can do for our health, is to completely ignore what we see in the media about health and get properly educated. You can start with my book, The Vitality Secret!




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