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The Vitality Protocol: Train Your Brain And Your Body For Optimal Health

What happens when a brain nerd and inflammation geek get together? Magic! That’s what happens. The Vitality Protocol bridges the gap between the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ so we can all, finally, implement what we know, or might not know…

Let’s be honest, we’re not short of information. In fact, we’re overloaded with information. When it comes to health and looking after our bodies some of us know what we need to do, and we’re just not doing it. Ultimately, one rule of thumb which is correct across the board, is we need to live an anti-inflammatory life. There isn’t (or shouldn’t be) anyone saying we should all be consuming food or “food” which causes an inflammatory effect on your body.

In its simplest form, inflammation is your immune system reacting as if foreign invaders have entered your body. It’s also a result of stress and trauma.

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So why doesn’t everyone live an anti-inflammatory life? Maybe you’re not yet too familiar with inflammation, and you’re about to find out more. Or maybe you don’t know about it, yet you’re not yet geared up, mentally, to take the plunge and discover how fast you can heal your body of all sorts of conditions. It really is the root of just about every common illness (skin condition, breathing challenges, digestive problems, joint pains, fat retention, low libido and hormonal imbalance).

Wouldn’t it be incredible to be provided with a solution that married the mechanics or the ‘how’ with the skills to train your brain to love the process and lifestyle that accompanies this? Enter….The Vitality Protocol


This is urgent.

The USA and Western World is experiencing an epidemic of inflammatory and autoimmune disorders, affecting millions of adults.

The processed foods, man-altered foods, overwhelming distractions, sleeplessness, sedentary lifestyles, inherited family issues… all these combined, risk years of ill-health to people just like you.

The problems are clear.

Everywhere you look, people are struggling.

High achievers and Type A people feel it worst.

And it doesn’t go away on its own.

That’s why we’ve condensed 6 years of experience, transforming high achievers and A Gamers into happy, productive, pain-free, symptom-free, energized humans into one breakthrough Protocol.

What does this mean for you?

You get to optimise your life in just about every way, shape and form! At last, the new breakthrough Vitality Protocol™ is here.

  1.    Vitality Protocol™ strategies have been proven to work for everyone who’s taken part 
  2.    Unique cutting edge approach includes the mechanics of exactly what it takes to reverse the root health condition behind almost every health condition, together with precisely what’s needed on a mental level, so people can commit to the program and achieve life-changing results.
  3.    We only use all-natural strategies – incorporating nutrition, lifestyle and psychology.

Your course coordinators:

  • Anahita Parseghian, Certified Chronic Pain & Neuroplasticity Coach, Certified Somatic Therapy Practitioner, who healed her own chronic pain after years of suffering when she discovered the Mind-Body Connection. Anahita brings extraordinary calm, focus and clarity to clients enabling pain-free lives.
  • Me, Neil Cannon, with evidence or pretty extraordinary case studies … people healing their bodies with my award-winning program.  Like Mark Rayworth who burned 42 pounds of fat in 6 weeks, said goodbye to joint pains, whose energy went “through the roof”, his plague on his teeth fell off and his time with his family and children “has greatly improved.” Drew Salmon is now free from type-2 diabetes, Vaishali Sahay formerly had “high cholesterol” and burned lots of unwanted fat, Mary has said goodbye to joint pains and type-2 diabetes, David, who doesn’t have digestive problems any more… The list goes on. In one spectacular case, symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease disappeared as a side effect of reversing Type-2 Diabetes, for Lee John’s wife.  

We’re talking all natural formula… zero side-effects other than increased energy, the option of rapid fat loss, clear thinking, no brain fog, and restful sleeps.

Our western world is experiencing an epidemic of inflammatory and autoimmune disorders due to the deterioration of the food supply, environmental toxins and sedentary and stressful lives. Researchers say autoimmune disorders affect about 50 million people in the United States. Autoimmune disorders are increasing and affect as many as 30 percent of adults. We are living in a painful, anxious, overwhelmed, Inflammation Nation. Worldwide, the rise in autoimmune disorders has continued in the industrialised world for more than 50 years.

When you offer join The Vitality Protocol FREE Masterclass, you won’t regret it, I promise! Join the conversation, here:

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