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the-vitality-secret-kindle-coverI’m Neil Cannon, the author of Mojo Multiplier: Raise Testosterone Naturally, and bestselling author of The Vitality Secret: Defy Disease, Combat Common Illnesses & Stay Young.

Truth be told, I kinda stumbled upon the topic of this book by accident. I was trying to solve a different problem and during my research stumbled upon some realisations that I knew I just had to share with the world. I was simply trying to firm up around the chest region. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t firm up around the chest area. I didn’t have ‘man boobs’ per se, but I couldn’t ‘firm up’ nor shift that last bit of belly fat and love handles.

I decided to go on a quest – a quest to figure out why I couldn’t shift that unwanted fat. (Which fat is wanted as a man?)  Little did I know, that the world we live in today, is full of the female hormone, oestrogen (US Spelling ‘estrogen’) and oestrogen-mimicking compounds – which cause us to store fat and make it extremely difficult to burn fat. It also contributes to why men are experiencing certain womanly traits such as man boobs and why testosterone levels and sperm counts have declined significantly over the last half century.

Oestrogen and/or oestrogen-mimicking chemicals and compounds are in our food supply, cosmetics, deodorants, shampoos, shower gels, plastics and even the fumes we breathe. It’s in our WATER supply. Yes, you read that correctly – and that’s partly down to the female contraceptive pill that 70% of Western women pass in their urine, which makes its way through the sewers, to the water filtration plants and most filtration plants cannot extract the oestrogen from mojo-multiplier-cover-500wthe water. True story!!

Male fish are changing sex in lakes and rivers – male fish are growing eggs. They are feminising. Men’s sperm counts have as much as halved in the last half century. Testosterone levels have dropped by 22% in the last 2 decades. This is actually happening.

I’ve decided to provide the solution to all men which will change lives for the better. In the ebook you find a system. You will discover the foods to avoid or at least limit your intake of oestrogen (it’s almost impossible to avoid it) and best foods to eat to tackle oestrogen once it’s digested. You’ll burn fat with ease once you avoid these foods and implement some of the simplest fat loss strategies you’ll have ever seen. This does not involve calorie counting. (Calorie restrictive diets are fads; they cause you to lose muscle as well as fat, cause testosterone levels to drop off and slow down your metabolism. Hence why they NEVER work long term – great for the “weight loss” industry, right?)

You’ll learn which foods trigger your body to produce testosterone, completely naturally – which means you’ll build muscle and burn fat far easier. You’ll learn how to optimise 7 vital hormones. You’ll see the best exercise methods to boost testosterone and the exercise methods to avoid – yes, there are exercises you can do which actually lower testosterone! Here’s a clue: long distance cardiovascular training is NOT advised.

You’ll experience the following when you implement and commit to the system in Mojo Multiplier:

    • Significantly increased mental & physical energy
    • Heightened confidence
    • Raised metabolism and fat burning capabilities (“weight loss” – I hate that term, you can gain weight and burn fat. Who cares how much you weigh?)
    • More muscle mass and definition
    • Enhanced libido and sex appeal
    • Increased motivation and mental clarity
    • A boost in your testosterone levels
    • You’ll get your mojo back! 

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