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the-vitality-secret-kindle-coverI’m Neil Cannon, Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, the author of Mojo Multiplier: Raise Testosterone Naturally, and bestselling author of The Vitality Secret: Defy Disease, Combat Common Illnesses & Stay Young. I’m also the co-creator of the The Inflammation Solution Program for which I received a Sustainable Business Award, and Clear Skin In 7, host of  The Mojo Fit Podcast, a health consultant and public speaker.

I recently won the Southern Californian Sustainable Business Award (Seedling Round) 2017 for my program called The Inflammation Solution (.org).  This is a digital program that helps people to reverse the root of most illnesses and the foundations for all chronic disease, inflammation. In its simplest form, this is an indication of toxicity in your body. It’s an indication that your immune system is under attack. Our conventionally healthy diet is making us sick.

Truth be told, I stumbled upon my passion in nutrition and wellness by accident. This is often the case of people in this industry.  In 2011 I was trying to solve a personal problem and during my research stumbled upon some startling revelations.  I quickly became obsessed with health and wellness and have made it my purpose in life to share what I know with the world.

Mojo Multiplier highlights why men’s testosterone levels have dropped by 22% in two decades, why sperm counts have halved in half a century and why the no.4 most popular surgery carried out on men in the US is “man boob” removal. Men are being feminised, people!  And environmental toxins are causing hormonal disruption in women too. This is why fertility problems are on the rise.

My inspiration for writing The Vitality Secret was born out of my father suffering a stroke – unnecessarily. It could have been avoided had his doctor offered him the right nutritional advice – or any nutritional advice, let’s be honest. I realised the inflammation he suffered most of his life which showed up for him as asthma, led to chronic inflammation which led to high blood pressure, and then a stroke. This is a textbook sequence of events.

It made me angry that his doctor did not advise radical changes in his diet and lifestyle when he was diagnosed with chronic inflammation. I dug deep into the history of the medical industry and uncovered why doctors are not trained in nutrition. The history is disturbing but one I believe everyone must know so we know it really is up to us to be our own best doctor. Doctors are not trained in nutrition, or to heal. Our bodies want to heal. They are trying all the time to heal, we just need to fuel them with the right foods, lifestyle choices and by managing emotions – namely, stress and trauma.

So far, my clients or customers of my books or programme have achieved the following:

  • Increased testosterone naturally (men only, and balanced hormones)
  • Reversed pre-diabetes and type-2 diabetes
  • Balanced unhealthy cholesterol levels
  • Rapid (and safe) fat burning
  • Built muscle
  • Eliminated arthritis
  • Eliminated joint pains
  • Cleared up skin conditions
  • Reversed IBD conditions – IBS and other digestive challenges
  • Reversed symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease (in one case)
  • Increased mental clarity and motivation
  • Increased energy levels

Would you like private coaching?

Apply here: https://vitalitysecretbook.com/coaching

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  1. Curtis Estes

    November 8, 2015 at 10:26 pm

    Great to meet you on the fire trail today! You can find my first book here: http://www.yourlifebydesignbook.com. Use the coupon code: “friend of curtis” to download the ebook for free. Looking forward to staying in touch and hearing about your kite surfing heroics in Brazil!

    All my best,


    • Neil

      November 9, 2015 at 6:53 pm

      Great to meet you too Curtis! Thank you for saying hello! I’ll get your book. I’ll connect with you on LinkedIn and send you a copy of Mojo Multiplier. See you on the trails in a few months!


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