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There’s Something In the Water…

In fact, there’s a lot in the water. A lot of stuff that your body really doesn’t want in fact. Did you  know that your local water supply will more than likely be contaminated with hormones, drugs and toxic chemicals? It’s essentially inflammatory water. Did you know that in lakes and rivers in various Western locations around the world, where male fish are growing eggs due to ‘gender bending chemicals’? This was all featured in Mojo Multiplier. Not only are there estrogenic compounds in lakes and rivers, but they’re in the water supply too, the drinking water supply. Whenever women take the contraceptive pill (which is a synthetic oestrogen) and pass it in their urine, it eventually makes its way to water filtration plants and most are not adapt to remove it. Hormones that men are now taking, such as testosterone replacement therapy, also make their way into the water. Every drug that is passed through the human body, ends up there, and it’s recycled through the eco system into the water that we drink. If that’s not scary enough (sorry!!) but there are nasty chemicals too in the water supply too. The city water tends to be very acidic too – and we need a slightly alkaline environment in the body to be healthy.

To add insult to injury, the bottled water industry is quite the magic show to say the least. How can it be that we’re paying more for bottled water, than we do for gasoline? I gallon of water costs more than a gallon of gasoline. It’s ridiculous. Many bottled water companies are just using purified tap water too – it’s really not cool. What’s the solution? Ideally we drink spring water and from glass bottles. The plastic bottles actual leak toxic chemicals into the water.


Want to know how to get your hands on the best water? Check out this video:



For more information on this water system, which I actually purchased one month ago, please message me at I’ll provide you with a number of case studies of people healing their bodies with this water, even the likes of cancer and fibromyalgia. It fuels your cells with exactly what they need and is anti-inflammatory, rich in antioxidants and is alkaline. I’m already recommending these machines to my private clients as they’re truly miraculous machines. My friend Ashley, featured in the video above, has about sold about 900 machines and has, therefore, a database of remarkable case studies. I was blown away.

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  • Acid & Alkaline

    There’s Something In the Water…

    In fact, there’s a lot in the water. A lot of stuff that your body really doesn’t want in fact. Did ...
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