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How To Heal Your Body With Infrared Light & Heat – Interview

Could this be one of the coolest ways to revitalise your body and regain control your health, which has nothing to do with diet or exercise?  Light is one of the most important nutrients for your body. In this episode of The Mojo Fit Podcast, Founder of Sauna Space, Brian Richards discusses how to heal your body with infrared light and heat – to optimise every cell in the body. The inspiration for starting his company came from healing his own body of adrenal fatigue, insomnia and skin conditions. An awesome side effect was that he experienced a surge in energy and vitality. Since then, his creations have helped people heal their bodies of all kinds of ailments, illnesses and diseases. This is not to be missed. Show notes are at the foot of this post.

Before you listen, check out these types of case studies…

Podcast version of the Interview from The Mojo Fit Podcast

Full VIDEO Interview here: How To Heal Your Body With Infrared

Take notes. It’s loaded with amazing information, even if I do say so myself!

Purchase here: Sauna Space – you can find a number of options from which to choose.


2.0 – Brian was experiencing toxin–related health problems, acne and suffered insomnia

2.30 – He was offered prescription drugs / pain management drugs

3.30 – Discovered light therapy, incandescent light sauna

5.00 – Everything cleared up in months – skin improved / acne gone / insomnia solved

5.20 – Realised he had adrenal burn out, energy levels quickly soured, better cognitive functioning, less stressed, less reactive

5.35 – Heat is detoxifying, light is re-optimising

6.00 – How light can feed the cells without glucose. It turns the mitochondria into its own healing mechanism

6.45 – Healing: Anti-inflammatory,

7.10 – At the cellular level everyone has their own healing mechanism

7.50 – The definition of mitochondria

9.00 – What most people don’t know about energy production – reparation & light receptor. It is the ULTIMATE HEALER OF OFF CELLULAR THINGS!!!

10.00 – Importance of near infrared light

10.10 – Epigenetics – ability to override genetics

11.00 – Process of building the cell. Optimal formation of the DNA

11.40 – Oxidative Stress and Toxic Exposure

12.00 – We can turn on or off the good or bad DNA. Optimize or accelerate degradation of epigenetics

13.00 – We are made of cells. We need to feed them with 4 crucial fuel

15.00 – What the lymphatic system requires (it doesn’t have a pump)

16.30 – Light is the ultimate nutrient – mitochondria activation. Light is eaten by the cells directly. Activates healing systems

17.10 – Cell is designed to get heat every day – detoxification. Heat gets toxins out of the cell.

18.25 – Cells go to work when you’re in a rested state

20.30 – Why we get sad in the winter. Importance of Infrared as opposed to blue.

21.00 – Modern light sources remove the healing part of the light. Too much blue, too little infrared

22.00 – The practical way to get infrared light into your life

22.20 – Sun emits full spectrum curve

22.50 – Light and heat

23.10 – Infrared light is better than the sun!!

23.35 – Old school incandescent lamp technology

24.00 – Sauna Space and what they have to offer

25.50 – Localised therapy – headaches / neuropathy in legs / Gut pain / detoxifying / menstrual cramps with

27.00 – Customer case studies: Recover in all things – MS / fibromyalgia / skin

29.00 – Cell studies and organ studies – accelerated muscle recovery

29.30 – Witnessing recovery with all things!

30.00 – Light eaters!

31.00 – Near Infrared Light – penetrates the ideal wavelength that stimulates mitochondrial-healing systems.

32.00 – This is nature’s design


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