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The Dangers Of The Birth Control Pill – Men Need To Know This Too!

Earlier this week I did a Facebook live, talking about a superb podcast I listened to last week on Bulletproof Radio. Dave Asprey gets some truly amazing guests on his show, and I highly recommend subscribing. In this episode, he interviews functional medicine doctor, Dr Jolene Brighten. They talk about the dangers of the birth control pill – and men need to know this too!

The first 30 minutes is simply fascinating – understanding what happens in the female body during pregnancy – the intricacies, the perfection, the magic that is the female of the species. Did you know that the mother’s brain shrinks during the third trimester so when she gives birth she is effectively dumbed down and puts all of her energy and focus into the baby? No more multitasking! This is known as “baby brain” in the US or “nappy brain” in the UK. Once she’s ready, the brain then grows back stronger than it was before. How cool is that?

The part of this podcast that actually really gripped me was about the effects of the female contraceptive pill. If you follow my stuff at all, and have read my book, The Vitality Secret, you’ll know that I’m a true fan of healing your body holistically. I truly believe (know) that almost every inflammatory condition (which is the root of almost every health condition and chronic disease) and autoimmune disease can be managed or reversed without ANY medication. In fact, medication creates additional toxicity in the body, they all come with side harmful effects, they weaken your body and a lot of them cause leaky gut and inflammation – the root of autoimmune diseases.

Earlier this week a friend messaged me and told me she has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. She told me her doctor – a rheumatologist – told her categorically that it has NOTHING to do with diet, and that her ONLY options were drugs and mindfulness. As you can imagine, this made my blood boil. I did a Facebook live about that too. The point I’d like to make, is that every medication that is used long-term has side effects and has the very high potential to cause problems down the road. This is absolutely the case with the female contraceptive pill. This is close to my heart as I know one person very dear to me who this has happened to.

I really feel every woman should listen to or watch this podcast. It’s fun and entertaining too as they talk about SEX! And as men, we need to understand the female body so we can truly support our wives or girlfriends / children – and every woman we know in fact.

Here’s my little Facebook Live about this podcast if you’re interested. Underneath it is the podcast you can watch. To listen, you need to go to the main site of itunes to download it. Please share this and/or the podcast like wildfire. It needs to get into the hands of every woman we know. Men, your female friends will love you for sharing this and taking an interest by listening or watching.

On Women’s Health, Post-Birth Control Syndrome, and Brain Injuries – Dr. Jolene Brighten

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