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The Effects Of Alcohol On Your Body And What A Break From It Can Do For You

Last week, I had the great fortune of interviewing the founder of One Year No Beer, Ruari Fairbairn. This is a London based company where there is a strong drinking culture. Coming from London (or its surrounding areas) myself, I was honoured when Ruari got in touch with me, after listening to my podcast and requested an interview. In case you’re not familiar with The Mojo Fit Podcast, I’m interviewing people who have healed their bodies of all sorts of illnesses and diseases and they share their journey of self-discovery, healing and health and body transformation. In this interview, Ruari shares the effects of alcohol on your body and what a break from it can do for you.

Prior to our interview, Ruari told me about a few amazing case studies of people healing themselves of health challenges by giving themselves a break from alcohol. It doesn’t have to be forever! During the interview, he really inspired me to do the same, so much so, that the same day, I signed up and I am towards the end of my first week of being alcohol-free! Side note: I don’t consider this as “giving up” alcohol. That term alone is enough to make anyone fail. When we “give up” something or “go on a diet” it’s as if we’ve mentally introduced pain into our lives. That’s never going to work longterm. It’s a subtle change, but so meaningful. It naturally gets you to focused on the positive side of alleviating yourself of the negative effects of alcohol. This is a toxicity that we’ve become so used to consuming on a regular basis and is socially acceptable.

I’m not a heavy drinker – I’d be a hypocrite to have written Mojo Multiplier and The Vitality Secret if I was a heavy drinker. I wouldn’t be a very authentic health coach either. I do, however, enjoy the glass of wine or two over dinner and a few “sociables” over the weekend. I tend to take a month or two off each year to detox. So now, I’m intrigued as to what might just happen in the next 90 days. Maybe nothing, but I can’t see it doing any harm and I can only see good coming from it, particularly as I attend social situations without feeling the need to drink. In fact, I was out Thursday, Friday and Saturday and Sunday with friends and didn’t touch any alcohol!

Before you listen or watch this, ask yourself this question: Right now, if you were to live a life without limits, what would you be doing?

Ep 20 The Healing Effects Of A Break From Alcohol With Ruari Fairbairns

In Episode 20, I talk with Ruari Fairbairns, Founder of One Year No Beer. Coming from a heavy drinking culture in London, Ruari went from being a heavy-drinking broker to an alcohol-free broker. Ruari initiated his alcohol-free days when he signed up for an anger management course. He wanted to prove that alcohol had nothing to do with his relationship challenges with his wife and why it was down to her anger! Little did he know, that it was his own drinking that led to their relationship problems. He decided to quit alcohol for 90 days and has continued, other than very special occasions. His life has transformed, and his company has transformed the lives of 16,000 members so far. Facebook Live interview is at the foot of this page.

  • 2.20 – Friction in his relationship with his wife as a broker – “business is lubricated by alcohol”
  • 3.00 – Wanted to prove that alcohol WASN’T the problem
  • 3.20 – Discovered the 2 biggest instigators of anger. Experienced something magnificent when abstaining – energy and new zest for life
  • 5.30 – Unwinding the societal conditioning of alcohol in celebratory circumstances with psychologist on board
  • 7.00 – Upsides to drinking compared with downsides
  • 7.30 – He doesn’t want to be an “ipad parent.”
  • 8.30 – Difference between typical abstinence and new ways of approaching social situations – “social currency.”
  • 9.30- Importance of going through a MINDSET shift to approach life without alcohol
  • 10.00 – How we’ve been conditioned with a reward system
  • 11.00 – Innate tribalism – what happens when someone leaves our tribe
  • 12.00 – 16,000 members in 100 countries. Meet ups in UK and US.
  • 13.00 – Connected tribe, social inclusion (not needing the buzz0
  • 14.00 – Results that members of his challenge has achieved – reduction or reversal of anxiety, the lifting of depression & more
  • 16.00 – Discovered he was lactose intolerant (nothing to do with alcohol!) and I told him why he is.
  • 17.00 – One amazing case study of a member abstaining from alcohol. It has to do with tiny feet.
  • 18.00 – What might a 90-day challenge might do for you?
  • 19.00 – No.1 piece of advice for someone who wants to “unwind” after a stressful day at work and how we justify ourselves into drinking.
  • 20.00 No.1 reason for “rebound anxiety”
  • 22.00 – an idea for couples’ counselling
  • 24.00 – Another cool couple of case studies – including fitness pros
  • 25.00 – The ripple effect of affecting those around you
  • 26.30 – Major shift happening in the environment. A paradigm shift is happening with alcohol
  • 27.00 – One Year No – Full refund guarantee for 180 days!
  • 28.00 – Ruari’s Final Thought: “The only person you can have an affect on is”

Are you ready to take the plunge? Sign up here for 90 days and see what freeing yourself from alcohol can do for you, your family, your relationships and your working life.

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