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How To Reverse Autism & The Truth About Vaccines

This last in the series of The Truth About Vaccines was really mind blowing. Whichever side of the fence you’re on I can’t recommend enough watching this series. The facts are presented – the pros, the cons, the good, the bad and the ugly. There are, of course, pros to vaccinations, and you’ll discover what they are in this documentary. I’ve not written up every episode but I decided to for this one as I’m 100% behind the mission of the creators of this superb documentary. Agreed, it’s not a fun topic. You won’t be laughing and giggling but sometimes we need to just know stuff. It’s up to us to know this, so we can have freedom of choice with whatever we choose to do without our children – and ourselves. Set aside some time to watch this whole documentary. You won’t regret it. And you’ll thank me for it. These are my notes from Episode 7, the last in the series, still free to watch. Towards the bottom there are some video clips, one of which reveals how to reverse autism.

  • Homeoprophylaxis – Like for like – a homeopathic vaccine that has been proven highly effective.
  • Energetic frequency presented to the body which supports the immune system
  • Robert Bell – his kids have never been vaccinated and they never use antibiotics
    • Safely administers hemeoprophylaxis
  • Results of 2.3million people using homeoprophylaxis with highly effective result to reverse the disease leptospirosis
  • *** You can detoxify from previous vaccines ***
  • In India, homeoprophylaxis is used as effective treatment for prevention of diseases – free treatment against diseases such as tuberculosos.
  • Classically trained doctors and homeopaths work together to create synergy [when does that ever happen over here?!)
  • Breast-fed babies shows a 4 times reduction in meningitis
  • The introduction of antibiotics has harmed our immune systems – we were using essential oils going back to the early 20th century – proven very effective in fighting the Plague
  • Essential oils support natural immunity and entire immune system
  • GCMATH – macrophages are essential. Immune stimulant.
  • Autism – associated with viral infections. Relationship between multiple viral infections and autism. Deregulation of the immune system. Proven highly effective in fighting cancer cells.
  • Autistic children all display the same characteristics. After 5 weeks of treatment of GCMATH plus RARUM and they are completely healed. It has to be integrated into a protocol – nutrition protocol. The Ketogenic diet is SUPER EFFECTIVE!!! HIGHLY ANTI-INFLAMMATORY including coconut oils. After that you can reconstruct the microbiome with probiotics and add Rarum to rebalance the immune system
  • Do not look for the magic pill, it does not exist. Nutrition and gut MUST be fixed. Do this under the supervision of competent doctors and you can expect amazing results.
  • KETOGENIC DIET AND CANNABIS – Super anti-inflammatory – all inflammatory markers are gone in ketosis.
  • The effects of sugar on your brain – neutrophils are NOT functioning properly. Your immune system is weakened. 
  • Sugar has a detrimental effects on neutrophils. They guard us from bacterial infections. Every time you inject sugar, for up to 5 hours, your immune system is heavily suppressed.
  • World Health Organisation – Children who have complications of measles or who die from measles have low Vitamin A. Vitamin A protects you from Measles. Kids were entering hospitals with Measles. One group standard treatment plus high doses of VA. The latter had reduction in mortality associated with Measles.
  • The best thing you can do to protect against Measles is Vitamin A. It doesn’t stop them contracting it, it creates the immune reaction your body needs. High doses of Vitamin A
  • Medical doctor I, Dr Suzanne Humpthries, MD. is now using megadosage Vitamin C on her patients and seeing fantastic results.
  • Apoptosis (cells that die do this) – without VC, problems arise. VC reduces inflammation.
    • Babies treated as young as 2 weeks old with Vitamin C – testimonials on her site speak for themselves.
  • The immune system knows how to work with what is available naturally
  • Vitamin D, gut health and probiotics super effective,
  • Every parent and every doctor wants healthy kids – kids must be fed real food – breast milk exclusively for baby. We must eat real food.
  • Vegetables with every meal – microbiome and healthy brain.
  • Antiobiotics destroy the gut and immune system
  • Kids are in chairs sitting all day – they need to be active, playing in dirt, to create a better immune system.
  • How do you save children’s lives? Ramp up their immune system with high quality nutrition. Vitamin D. Huge portion of gene code.
  • NORWAY study of mums taking folate acid (B3) during pregnancy to protect their unborn’s brain. Mums who took folate – 1 in 1,000 autism. Mums who didn’t, 1 in 100 who didn’t. Vaccine schedule – no Hep B vaccine in Norway, no GMOs, exciting thing about Norway.
  • Methyl folate bolsters the immune system. The key is to prevent disease is to have a healthy immune system.
  • Vaccine-Friendly Plan – book for parents who do want to vaccinate. A way to vaccinate which is less toxic. No need for Hep B in every child. Do that pre-teen before sexually active. Wait on Poleo. There has not been paleo since 1979. Don’t do Rotavirus – this is a live contaminated virus. T-Dap – 2 months do tetanus and diphtherea.
  • MMR – arbitrary decision for MMR – wait until 3 years old. 13,000 patients in practice. No new autism in over 1,000 patients who followed the plan – Vaccine friendly plan. Make sure you don’t have a family history of autism / autoimmune – those groups have a high risk of regressing into autism.
  • We can vaccinate slower without putting kids at greater risk.
  • Unvaccinated kids of 238 kids were the least ill. They had a strong immune system. They were the healthiest.
  • Measles and vaccinations – graphed statistics
  • Larry Palevsky, MD. Before WW2 – data showed large decrease in mortality rates of children dying from infectious disease. Without the presence of antibiotics and vaccines, the mortality went down. Improved sanitation, water, living conditions and nutrition.
  • “How do I keep my kid strong without vaccines?” – The body is already strong and there are ways to keep it strong and prevent it from weakening. This uses good food, water and healthy environment – nothing to do with pharmaceuticals.
  • Book: Dissolving Delusions
  • California and Mandatory, Robert Krakow:
  • Mandatory vaccines – make absolutely no sense. Depriving parents the option to make a decision – not looking at mercury and aluminium
  • HEALTHY PEOPLE 2020 – Immunization Strategy. 1200 objectives, sector they want 90% of the population vaccinated. Adults and children. Take away right to refuse.
  • Plan is to get everyone vaccinated, all funding in place.
    • This affects EVERYONE. In 2000 the Gates Foundation funded Gavi (Vaccination organisation), since then $6.8bn is invested to vaccinate the world.
  • There is no more fundamental right to what goes in our body. What more fundamental right do have than what goes into our body? This is THE MOST IMPORTANT CONVERSATION RIGHT NOW.
  • Mandatory Vaccination / Forced Vaccination / No exemptions / is fundamentally against the freedom laws of America.
  • There have been forced vaccinations when children have been physically removed from public schools and been vaccinated. The court returned children with autism and claimed no responsibility.
  • In the US, “we cherish our fundamental rights.”
  • They don’t want you educated.
  • In every case when children have been injured, parents have always said that they did not want to do it, it didn’t feel right, and that they felt forced to do it.
  • Charlene Bollinger talks about their child of 2001 – top to toe in eczema shortly after the vaccine. Shortly after that, verbal communication stopped.
  • Everyone knows there is a risk-benefit ratio to every decision we make. More experience is showing there is greater risk with vaccination than there is benefit.
  • People are learning this through their own experience.
  • Vaccination ingredients categorically are toxic
  • Vaccination materials go right through the blood brain-barrier

Hope First! The Ketogenic Diet to Help With Autism

The blood circulatory system is a closed system – we’re injecting harmful toxins directly into the blood that pass through the blood-brain barrier directly into the brain.

Why were dangers of vaccinations suppressed?

Fight For Freedom – What happened to our freedom to choose?

Successful Case study of reversal of autism / reduction in symptoms. There is hope…

Some powerful messages from Sayer Ji And The Health Ranger


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