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Sugar Free Desserts

Sugar-Free Desserts: Skin Food Body Love Episode 4

Do you love your desserts? Do you have a sweet tooth? Would you love to eat desserts more if you knew they were (refined) sugar-free? What about if they were also gluten-free?

Too much sugar in your diet is not a good thing. Period. Too much sugar throws everything our of balance in your body. It’s therefore necessary to minimise, certainly the refined sugar. See this article to see what sugar, grains and heroine all have in common. The great news is you can enjoy really tasty desserts and snacks that satisfy your sweet tooth craving, yet do not spike your fat storing hormone, insulin. Remember that continuous elevated levels of insulin leads to insulin resistance in the body and inflammation. When you have a low level of inflammation, your immune system is under constant attack. When it becomes chronic, all hormones are put out of balance and the foundations are built for chronic disease. NOT a good thing!!

Today, Coleen from Epithereal Skin Care in Venice California, and I, show you some simple recipes to enjoy anti-inflammatory desserts which are not only super tasty, but are good for your health! Each ingredient contains medicinal properties as they are all natural. Everything that grows on this planet is a medicine of some kind.

A couple of these can be used in conjunction with the ketogenic diet, which is when you turn your body into fat burning mode instead of sugar-burning mode. It’s a very anti-inflammatory diet and super effective at burning fat fast and safely (providing you don’t deprive your body of the micronutrients (minerals and vitamins) and live enzymes our cells require to thrive.

Head to for eczema-free skin. This will also work for other skin conditions as it’s all about clearing your skin from within.

Head to and book yourself in for a free consultation with Coleen.

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