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The Vitality Secret In A Nutshell

If you’ve read my book, The Vitality Secret, you’ll have discovered that the secret to vitality is really pretty straight forward. You’ll have read how to manage most common illnesses without drugs. In order to adopt these principles of vitality, it comes down to one thing which I’ll address at the end. We can get rid of or manage common illnesses like eczema, asthma, psoriasis, IBS, low testosterone, arthritis and more, by what we put in our body, how we move our body and how we manage emotions, namely, stress.

The biggest challenge of all is the psychology of it. We essentially need to recondition our minds and unlearn a lot of what we’ve learned to be true (and healthy) to this present date. We need to accept that there is a giant difference between what is conventionally “healthy” and what is ACTUALLY healthy. I promise you, there is a big difference.

Living a wheat and dairy-based diet, for example, may be regarded as healthy by conventional standards – with “healthy whole grains.” This is an inflammatory way to live.  Now only that, but when you’re inflamed, your immune system is suppressed. (It doesn’t matter if you’re super active and exercising regularly if you eat like this – you cannot out exercise a bad diet.)

I ate like this for years. I’d have eaten a token cooked vegetable or two for dinner thinking they were getting sufficient vegetation into my diet (with most of the nutrients zapped out of them during the cooking process and transportation to the grocery store). A whole grain sandwich would often be a “healthy” lunch, with a piece of lettuce and a piece of tomato. Snacks might comprise a piece of fruit or two. Breakfast would consist of orange juice without fail every morning with my “healthy wholegrain” breakfast cereal.  That’s a shizzle ton of sugar spikes right there to commence one’s day. Not a good thing. It’s an inflammatory way to start the day and an inflammatory diet full stop.

That’s probably hard to hear.

One of the greatest challenges is getting your head around the fact that for the majority of the population, wheat is highly inflammatory, or certainly the modern, hybridised wheat grain, is inflammatory. (You can get tested very easily for this – ask your doctor for the appropriate test / microbiome test.) Wheat is in almost everything!! Or at least feels like it is in everything. We’ve been conditioned since we were children to think whole wheat bread is healthy. The most part, it’s inflammatory and triggers a very sharp blood sugar response. Whole wheat bread is also higher on the glycemic index than table sugar. This means it breaks down into sugar faster than table sugar. Whole wheat bread is around 71 and table sugar 58. Pure glucose is 100. This probably means nothing to you unless you are diabetic – whether it’s type-1 or type-2. The glycemic index was created to treat people with diabetes so they could manage their blood sugars.

The challenge with eating wheat day in day out, is your blood sugars are spiking out of control every time you consume them. Over time, this leads to inflammation and insulin resistance – when your cells are resistant to the crucial hormone, insulin. (Insulin also your fat storing hormone.)

There is not one diet for cancer (from real experts in healing it from the inside out) that doesn’t recommend to eliminate wheat and dairy, or certainly milk. (After all, cow’s milk is designed for baby cows to grow fast. Go figure.) How can it be that these 2 staple foods can be so inflammatory? Well, the wheat is nothing like what it used to be some 10,000 years ago. It’s gone through a process called mutagenesis with 14 proteins added to it to create dwarf crops so farmers can yield more in less time and so they are less prone to getting damaged by the weather. Sadly, that process causes a lot of damage in the gut. From the blog of WheatBelly (I highly recommend you read this book)…

While no genetically-modified wheat has yet made it to market (as the Wheat Lobby likes to point out), the mutated forms of wheat created via the techniques of mutagenesis have been sold for years. Yes: The products of the mutagenesis are already on the market and have been for years. The world is in an uproar over the potential dangers of genetically-modified food, but the products of mutational processes that are worse than genetic-modification are already reality . . . and the public has been eating them.

It transpires that just about every illness you can think of, can be improved or even eliminated by the eradication of wheat and cow’s milk and other dietary poisons and toxins. How great is that! Not that great, when all we’ve been conditioned to think is to consume those two staples until the cows come home. No pun intended. Did you know bread was initially created to feed the poor?

I like to make things simple. One of the easiest things to understand is what your cells require to thrive. And I mean thrive, not just survive. Big difference.

Oh…and that no.1 principle I was talking about? It’s the principle of taking full control of your health. Through cultural conditioning, we’ve essentially given away this power we have to heal our bodies to people who aren’t actually qualified to heal our bodies.  I’m not suggesting I am qualified to heal your body. What I do know, is that with my support, my customers and clients have learned to heal their own bodies through a shift in nutrition and lifestyle changes, and by managing emotions, namely, stress.

Hit THIS LINK if you are interested in taking your health to the next level to achieve the results of my clients on this page.

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